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Tis' The Season of Seasonal Depression - Lets shake it!

I know, a blog about depression during its peak season, why would I do this? There MUST be something wrong with me, but hear me out --

You may know the feeling: You are more tired these days, maybe moody. Cocooning with some snacks and high-carb foods sounds better than hanging with your friends and family. Your sexual appetite may be on a diet, or even non existent. It's harder to get out of bed, and when you do, your mood resembles the weather you see/feel -- cold, dark, and nasty.

That's the problem, the gloom caused by Mother Nature each winter is biologically felt to some degree by an estimated one in four of us -- usually starting around October and then magically ending by April with spring approaching. For most people, seasonal depression manifests as winter blues, the "I Cant wait for winter to end" feeling that produces mild, but manageable sluggishness and cravings. But listen, its not that easy for everyone! About 11 million Americans have a more severe form of seasonal depression (SAD), which is typically diagnosed after at least two consecutive years of intense symptoms.

Either way, it stems from the same cause: Sensitivity to the lack of sunlight that results from winter's "shorter" days. This sensitivity largely stems from some combination of other factors such as: your geography, genetics, and individual brain chemistry.


How? I'm glad you asked:

Self Care

Keep your home well lit

Take a walk

Exercise regularly

Practice relaxation techniques (yoga, meditation, tai chi)


Foods rich in folic acid


Vitamin D rich foods

Omega 3 fatty acids


Light therapy


Massage therapy

If you have already started experiencing symptoms such as sleeping longer and/or more often -- or know your susceptible of seasonal affective disorder (SAD) it is important to start taking preventative measures to maintain your mental health. I'm here for you, always remember you are able to connect with a therapist via my resource link or by emailing me personally.



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