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Tips For Being With A Strong Woman

Listen, woman winning nowadays. We are far from the times of just bearing children, cooking and cleaning (I mean, we're still doing that too) but now we are becoming our own bosses, speaking up and working our asses off.

So, your with your girl and she has her own money, career, is confident, passionate, and never afraid to speak her mind. Not to mention she’s good at everything, but this makes you feel intimidated - sound familiar? Loving a strong woman can be exciting and challenging at the same time. I mean she would be fine without you, right? You may even feel like she’s smarter than you, which can leave you worried that you will do something wrong, and she’ll happily/easily move on. Loving a strong woman doesn’t have to be scary, I think confidence plays a huge part!

Many men will say they want a woman who is strong, independent, and who doesn’t need them. However, when it comes to managing within that relationship, they tend to not know how to carry it. It’s not that he decides she’s not what he wants, he may just find that she challenges him and that can make him uncertain and overly insecure.

Masculine stereotypes unfortunately still exist and can lead many men to believe or feel that women need to be taken care of, protected, and that they, as men, need to be the strong ones. However, for the most part, this simply is not true anymore.

We often see couples in counseling who are having a power struggle within their relationship and are unable to communicate the issue. This push and pull can happen because the expectations of each partner are misaligned. Even if you start off the relationship feeling balanced, it’s easy for men especially, to slip back into the stereotypes they have been told are "normal male behaviors". So, before you get too far down the road, it’s good to be aware of how strong women – actually most women – want to be treated while in a relationship!

Here are my top 4 tips on being with a strong Woman.

1. First and most importantly, she's not going to change for you, so do not ask:

Strong women aren’t looking for someone to mold them. She may grow and change over time as she needs to, but not because you want her to be if you push her to change, she will push you away!

2. She does not need you, she wants you:

Understand that if you’re together it’s because she wants to be with you. She can live without you – she just prefers living with you.

3. She will make up her own mind:

She doesn’t need you to make decisions for her. Do not overstep or try to protect her by making decisions without her input. If you are reading this thinking, “What about me?”, then yes guys, nearly all of this goes both ways. The truth is that these tips are useful for loving any woman and just as applicable to a woman showing love for a man

4. She likes to be treated Like a Woman:

Just because she’s strong doesn’t mean she doesn’t appreciate being taken care of. She wants to know you find her attractive, you love her, and yes, that you'll be protective of her even if she doesn’t need your protection.

Thank you guys for tuning in for another week! Your response emails keep me going. Please stay tuned in the upcoming months for more merch and content!


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