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Relationships Before 25

"Serious dating starts at 25" according to science.

This is supported by the fact that certain parts of our brain which aids decision making is still under construction and probably will not be done until we are 25! This means there's a tendency that our hormones or emotions control our decisions for the larger percentage and we might not make the same choices if we were 25 or older - again that's science, not me!

"Does this mean my relationships were a myriad of child's play and fake love" Nope!

The consciousness of maturity and responsibility is often inevitable the minute we step in our 20s. It is a huge pointer to the fact that everything we indulge in voluntarily has a sprinkle of "self-awareness" including all of those decisions we made getting into relationships before we turned 25!

"So, did I waste all of my time dating all of those people before I turned 25 since science suggests I'm not fully ready to make decisions until I'm 25?"

Well, not entirely true if you ask me! You are aware, amongst other things.

Not 25 yet? Good! keep reading, you will need this!

It is plain truth that relationships teach you what you deserve and keeps you in the know of your worth, especially if the previous relationships you were in did not give or show you all of the things you sought from it and the best way to actually get a grasp of yourself is to actively indulge in relationships before 25 hits you!

25 is not the ultimate age and it's perfectly okay to get into serious dating after 25 - just in case you are wondering why I hammered the age"25" in your head!

In your 20s, you are energetic, wild, keen on exploring every inch of life and yourself. You are open to friendships, intimacy and everywhere you turn to, there's a billboard of "relationship goals" staring you in the face; it usually slaps hard if you're single though!

So, you decide to try something out! At 21, there you are trying so hard to show someone how much you love them not hiding the fact that your hormones are at its peak and sometimes extreme.

At 22: you act like you have it all together, no rush! "I’ll just take my time" you say to yourself.

At 23- 24: You feel like there is better out there especially if you're not being treated right and you're working on making the descension to leave! Now here is where it gets fascinating - you are unsure about leaving or staying. You feel like you need a break from the too many mid-life crises but then your homie just had a cute baby!

At 25: you feel like the biological time of your life keeps ticking so fast and the pressure to be with someone heightens, especially if you have not been with anyone lately. You see tons of engagement parties and somehow you want to experience that too! You might want a baby too! But damn!

At 25: you have bills to settle. Work becomes so exhausting; you get so busy that you almost never have time for yourself or relationships and you are torn between building financial security and a love life.

Indulging in Relationships before 25 helps you balance yourself up, besides being a good tool for character development, it works out every piece of you and places you where you need to be mentally, relationship-wise.

It is okay to get into serious dating after or at 25. It is okay to have had shitty previous relationships and even more. You may not get exactly what you want but you will get the needed experience to be better at relationships before 25 and after that!

There are no manuals to these things do you until you think you're ready, keep living and keep exploring life fullest!

Until Next Week,

Mecca Imani


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