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Kin, First!

So listen, someone on Beyonce's internet decided to tweet "My daughter does not come before my husband." and I respectfully have to disagree with that statement. Of course it wasn't my first time coming across a post perpetuating that a woman should put her husband before her kids but when I read those words and the words of others who support this message, all I can think is, WHAT THE FUCK?

There are women out there who believe their husbands come first and their children second. This is not a one-line joke, It’s a legit belief some woman have and it’s one I can’t even wrap my mind around (I've really been trying to be open minded and understand the logic but I just can't).

I have so many problems with this way of thinking. Aside from making it more understandable why many children are growing up feeling isolated, unappreciated, and troubled, there’s this:

Not only is it wrong but certain situations can cause you to lose your children. If your husband is abusive to you or the children (emotional or physical) and you do not report your husband, then your children will become property of the state due to abuse and neglect (with a sprinkle of endangerment in there). When they sense their needs come second to their dad’s/your husbands/boyfriends, they'll feel neglected and separate themselves from you. If you continuously put the needs of a man before your children, be prepared to not have a relationship with your child as an adult because they will run away as soon and far as they can! Children can tell when their parents are self-absorbed narcissists and more into their relationship than their own spawn.

Parents are supposed to sacrifice

It's humanly impossible to be a good parent while unhappy, but you can’t be a good parent if you put your partner’s or your own happiness ahead of your kids!

Children should be protected above anything/anyone

Honestly, if you are unwilling to protect, you should not have children (I said what I said). Because something is undeniably the matter with you. A mother should be willing to do anything — and I mean anything — to keep her kids safe and secure. If your husband’s security comes before theirs, you’ve got 99 problems, 98 of which are psychological. Yes, I realize I've been using fighting words, but I’m serious. I can NOT understand how a mother could place anyone above her children, self included. Children need to know their parents will guard them against danger and cultivate their senses of confidence and contentment no matter what — not just if and when dads ego is feeling crushed!

There are mothers out here losing their minds for some of these men. This may seem like a no brainer but you would be shocked to find out how many women marry men who do not like their children, who do not want to be around their children, and it is sad to say the children suffer because of the parent’s selfishness and their inability to put their children first.

Until next week friends!


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