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It's 2021, We Are Loving Ourselves and Chasing Our Goals!

Ever wondered why doughnuts are glazed, infused with Jam, have toppings, chocolate or caramel dripping from all sides? Maybe there is a doughnut inventor we know nothing about! Maybe not, but seriously, this was to show Mr. Doughnut that he could be more than a "plain, brown circle" whose angle may not even be up to 360 degrees if measured!

If you ask me, plain is boring, and I would pick a glazed doughnut with lots of toppings instead. Why? That is because I am attracted to the beauty, and I like beauty over boring. The Self-love we need in our lives is the caramel toppings on Mr. Doughnut.

Self-love is the reflection of your true self and the beauty of it. It is about learning to understand who you really are, knowing your dreams, what you want your life to look like, what goals you'd like to achieve and what thoughts are stopping you from achieving such goal(s). Self-love is working on your fears, adjusting your mindset that is full of excuses and procrastination, making sure that you are following up on your goals and sticking to them like glue!

Think of self-love as a force of attraction. It constantly draws people to you, regardless of how little what you do is, the admiration is huge. An important and most overlooked aspect of self-love is following up on your dreams by setting realistic goals and sticking to them. Achieving your goals demand a lot of time, commitment and dedication.

You would not spend hours trying to develop yourself if it were not worth it. You could spend hours with who or what you love; your partner, family, video games, browsing through social media, and doing your make-up, why? Because you love doing these things. This is synonymous with sticking to your goals. Working out your goals means developing and bettering yourself. Bettering yourself is self-love!

Think of self-love as a ladder to your goals. If you truly want to achieve them, you will go up that ladder without hesitation or fixating on how you aren't strong enough, smart enough or beautiful/handsome enough to acquire it. If you ever had the experience of setting and neglecting a goal (do not beat yourself up, I do it too!), it may have been due to many reasons, but I can assure you one of the reasons may be a lack of self-love! Self-love is a key factor in setting and achieving your goals and you do not want to lose that key, do you?

Self-love is a bridge to your goals and the lack of it is the bully that constantly kicks you in the face and keeps you from achieving those goals and striding freely toward growth. I assume you want to kick that bully back just to get to the other side of the bridge, right? YOU SHOULD! Kick that lack of self-love in the face, you have goals to achieve!

Burn out the flames of procrastination and excuses and start learning to achieve your goals. Self-love starts NOW, and so does understanding the significance of working out your goals!

Adding self-love to your goals helps you to embrace the opportunities to learn, love and thrive. There is no better way to express self-love than sticking to your goals, achieving them and championing yourself for others to watch and admire.

Until next week,

Mecca Imani


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