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5 Signs It is Time to Let Go

Ever Wondered why Pinocchio's Nose grew longer each time he told a lie?

Because he never spoke the truth!

As divergent as this sounds, there is an almost invisible link to your social life. Like Pinocchio, you are aware of what bad that association, friendships or relationships has been and probably will be if you don't let go ASAP and often times, you're so comfortable with anomalies or toxicity that you invariably make excuses to patch up the inadequacies of your partner or friend because —oh well, "That's what friends do" all while intentionally blinding yourself to the truth or refusing to see reasons why these behaviors you attribute to "bad days" "stress" or "anger" are actually pointers to the fact that it's time to let go!

You constantly shoulder pain and pat it with a hot towel of self-motivation —oh! "He's gonna change", "She's gonna change" — last time I checked, changes in adults come slowly and chances are they may never really change!

Call it cliché, but there's absolutely nothing cliché about realizing that you'd still make a wonderful friend or lover after letting go of people, partners, businesses, friendships or Relationships that drain you mentally—its therapeutic! And for what it is worth, you have to put your health first!

Toxic Friendships or Relationships are the hardest to pull out from. You are either torn, hanging on with high hopes that they might one day come around and be the great person they used to be or between the fear of not finding someone better than they are. Then, there's the fear of "What if I find someone who is worse?" You've been through a lot and the last thing you want is falling back with someone who could be just as bad as your previous partner or a notch higher, so you'd rather just hang on a little bit more - sad!

Other times, you are confused! You have gotten so used to an alternate normal. You know it's not working but you keep giving your all to a vain relationship because you think it's just another "bad day" for your partner, but you know something isn't right and you just can't figure out what it is! Well,

How do you know It is Time to Let Go? Here are 5 Signs it is Time to Let Go —

  1. You Can't Remember the Last Time you were Happy: Relationships are a flush of every emotion including pain and happiness. People are flawed and that's okay but if you continually find yourself depressed, unhappy as a result of the actions or words of the other person, you might just need to let go of such relationships or situations.

  2. There's Inconsistency: Due to lack of mental peace, most people have resorted to "Ghosting" on relationships or friendships. This is usually a go-to coping mechanism for stress or any other forms of mental health challenges. As therapeutic as this sounds, if your partner keeps going flaky-flaky, in and out of the relationship, acting so fickle and uninterested and then showing up like nothing happened, you might have to let go!

  3. You've Exhausted All Efforts: We all can attest to how exasperating it can be fighting tooth and nail for someone, trying to change them, or always complaining about their negative attitudes and trying to avoid being called a nag but everything just seems the same despite how hard you've tried—almost feels like running up and down a hill with a sack of sand—so exhausting!

  4. When you hold on out of fear of the unknown: Curiosity kills the cat, but I bet it'd die anyway if it stayed ignorant. The fear of the Unknown keeps you from exploring better options, terrifies you so much that you think the only "better" you could get is the toxic relationship you are in. That is a lie! You are not treated right? You are constantly unhappy, nervous, or depressed at the sight of this person? Then It is time to let go. There is always better out there, you deserve it so go get it!

  5. When you lose your passion/Joy: Just like our Jobs, it gets crazy when you are stressed and if you do not find it enjoyable enough to want to keep going, you might just quit! That is what's up with relationships, you're going to slowly wear out if the reason you got all boo'd up or involved fades away. If you don't feel the same way anymore, the butterflies don't flutter no more, you don't go on dates, they don't make you happy like they used to or crack you up like before or the cheeks don't go red from blushing and everything just seems bland like sugar free cola despite trying so hard to make it work, then it's time to let go!

It's perfectly normal to fall out of love at some point and it's 100% okay to let go of relationships or situations that drain you, what's not is holding on to the same toxic people in spite of how visible the signs are!

You deserve better and if you needed any more signs, here is one!


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